Teeth Whitening Advantages

Everyone deserves to show off his or her smile, no matter how crooked or lackluster it may be. If your smile is hindered due to lack of self-esteem, Dr. Vijay Munagala of Redwood Dental Smiles has a variety of cosmetic options to create the one you’ve always dreamed of. Tooth whitening is an excellent way to boost confidence and enhance your appearance, without breaking the bank.
Teeth become discolored over time due to the food and beverages we consume on a daily basis. No one wants yellow teeth, and people who have whiter and cleaner smiles will not only improve their mood but will lessen their risk of developing periodontal disease and other oral diseases such as tooth decay or infection. During a consultation, Dr. Munagala will assess you to determine whether or not you are a tooth-whitening candidate. If so, you can choose between in-office whitening or whitening from the comfort of your own home using take-home trays.
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Each of us has two temporomandibular joints that act as a hinge which connects the jawbone to the skull. Because these joints control chewing, yawning, and speaking, it’s normal for them to leave a person feeling pain or discomfort. Problems in this area can cause head and neck pain, facial pain, ear pain, headaches, or make the jaw difficult to open. This is called temporomandibular joint disorder and Dr. Vijay Munagala of Redwood Dental Smiles can treat this condition.
TMJ can develop from an injury to the face, wear and tear due to aging, or oral habits such as grinding the teeth. Individuals with TMJ syndrome may notice clicking or popping sounds when chewing or speaking, frequent headaches, dizziness, or a locked jaw.  If these symptoms sound too familiar, discuss your symptoms with Dr. Vijay Munagala. Treatment for TMJ disorder usually requires a night guard to wear during sleep.
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Wisdom Teeth Extractions

At Redwood Dental Smiles in Castro Valley, we do our best to save our patients’ teeth. But when it comes to the wisdom teeth, extractions are often necessary. Patients may naturally wonder why that is, which is why we wanted them to understand the particular challenges of wisdom teeth.
Modern humans, who eat a diet of soft foods, don’t usually develop as large jaw bones as our ancestors did. As a result, there often is not enough room in the arch of the teeth to accommodate the wisdom teeth, which are the largest. To makes matters worse, the wisdom teeth often do not begin to erupt until a person is in their late teens, after their other teeth have undergone orthodontic correction. (Extensive orthodontic correction can only be done on children and adolescents, whose skull bones have not fully fused together). Therefore, the wisdom teeth often either get trapped under the gum line, which creates a cavity hazard, or are able to push through by knocking other teeth out of alignment.

Oral Care for Your Tongue

You may think you have your oral care routine down pat. You brush your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day, floss at least once a day, and rinse with mouthwash to prevent bad breath. However, there is always room for improvement. After you’ve given your teeth a good brushing, Dr. Vijay Munagala of Redwood Dental Smiles suggests focusing on your tongue.
The tongue should always be a healthy pink in color. If you notice a white film harboring on the tongue, this is dental plaque that accumulated from the carbohydrates you’ve been eating. You can choose to brush it away with a toothbrush, but your best bet is investing in a tongue scraper that will eliminate all of the bacteria. A tongue scraper is a device that can be purchased at your local drug store. It will keep the breath fresh and leave your mouth feeling extra clean.
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Basics of Dental Implants

At Redwood Dental Smiles, Dr. Vijay Munagala offers several restorative options to replace missing teeth and in this blog post, we are going to discuss dental implants. Dental implants are replacement tooth roots that provide a strong foundation and are designed to look like your natural teeth. Regardless if teeth are missing from trauma or decay, dental implants are a safe and effective way to restore your smile for more than 10 years.
Dental implants restore a lost tooth so that it looks, feels, fits, and functions like a natural tooth. Dental implants will also help you retain your shape of the face, as missing teeth can make the facial features sag, leaving a person looking older than they actually are. Dental implants are built to last and withstand the forces of chewing. They will also improve the way you speak, and allow you to enjoy the foods you love without any pain.
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Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that dental examinations can help protect you from cancer? We at Redwood Dental Smiles in Castro Valley are observing National Oral Cancer Awareness Month by educating the public on which symptoms to look out for and how dentists are on the front lines of detecting this deadly disease.
Oral cancer is a serious menace when it is not caught in time. Only about 60% of people who are diagnosed with it live longer than five years, and a little less than 50,000 Americans get diagnosed with it each year. Typically, oral cancer is associated with the use of tobacco and alcohol and is found in middle-aged people. However, cancer in the top of the throat, in a region called the oropharynx, is becoming increasingly common due to HPV and is showing up more in younger people.
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Acid Reflux

We’re prepared at Redwood Dental Smiles in Castro Valley to help repair damage to our patients’ teeth, but we want them to know how to prevent it, too. One of the more common causes of toothaches is acid reflux, which causes the teeth to lose their protective covering.
Acid reflux occurs when stomach acid is able to escape through an open sphincter into the esophagus. A person is diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) if this happens multiple times in a week. Stomach acid is highly corrosive and burns the esophagus as it moves, causing the patient to feel heartburn. If it gets as far as the mouth, it wears away dental enamel, causing the teeth to look glazed and discolored before becoming pitted. Because of their position, the upper back teeth are the first to be affected.
Bonding and partial crowns can be used to restore lost enamel, but the problem will recur until the acid reflux is brought under control. Patients should avoid smoking and not drink alcohol or consume l…